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A long journey of history ‐‐‐ an abundance of natural assets ‐‐‐ a unique way of life

Those perfect conditions above make Chanthaburi an ideal city of a diversity of tourism in the east of Thailand. 
The most important part of Chanthaburi legend occurred in 1767, after the fall of Ayutthaya. It was a place
where,  the  King  Taksin  the  Great,  consolidated  an  armed  force  of  the  East  and  fought  the  freedom  of  Thai people. This makes Chanthaburi people proud of the patriotism of their ancestors. 

Until  now,  Chanthaburi  is  a  serene  city  with  many  interesting  aspects.  It  represents  the  largest  gem  and jewelry  trading  market,  the  best  place  to  grow  pepper,  durian, mangosteen, mango, and  other  tropical  fruits  in  Thailand. 

Chanthaburi owns plentifully beautiful natural assets combining a number of distinct waterfalls in the forest
complex,  abundance  of  rich  mangrove  and  marine  creatures,  beaches,  and  coral  reef.  South  Soi  Dao  is  the highest mountain peak in the East.

Consequently,  these  assets  are  contributed  to  wonderful  tourism  activities  such  as  adventurous  tourism, historical & cultural tourism, eco‐tourism, marine eco‐tourism, and agri‐tourism. 
From the preceding attributes, Chanthaburi is one of the tourist destinations in Thailand that never fails to
impress the people who are eager to experience other faces of life!!

When it comes to food, there are a lot of restaurants serving local Thai food, especially if you like fresh seafood. A good place to find a cheap meal is the night market, and there are plenty of restaurants around catering to every taste and budget. Moreover, the province is home to some extremely pretty waterfalls. At the most popular waterfall, the Pliew Waterfall, you can swim with the fish in crystal-clear water, and feed it with green vegetables. Do you need a bit to relax? You reach in no time some of the beautiful beaches, where you can spend your time to get the power for a new adventure in the” City of the Moon." Last but not least. One of the reasons why you should take part in a course in Chanthaburi; the living costs there are 20% - 30% lower than in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Pattaya, just to name some of the other attractive places.