English Exam Preparation

Are you going to do an English exam soon? Let us help you to prepare your English exam with one of our experts. You’ll be prepared to get higher marks and self-confidence, either in written, listening or oral test.

General English and Conversation Course

The material is provided for the lesson. We use the Oxford University Press curriculum. For conversation practice, you determine personalized topics based on your needs, level, and interest. We advise at least two English lessons a week, ideally three lessons a week to get the best results; however, we’ll organize the lessons the way you want.

Job Interview in English

Are you afraid of an interview in English, which is coming soon? Our teachers, experts in this field, help you practice for your job interview in English and give you needed confidence and routine. We also advise you, what the HR interviewer likes to hear and what you should avoid. Moreover, we give you a hint how to write a CV and resume in English.

Business English Course

We provide special business courses to let you improve in all the areas of business English. This business course has been set up to let you study all the needs of business people to be certain with business terms and vocabulary. The teacher helps you to understand using examples, graphs and charts, and you can practice as in real business life according to your topic.

Furthermore, we provide preparation for the most-favored exams: TOEIC and TOEFL; and we provide lessons in German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai for foreigners, as well.

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