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One-Year Education Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee that I will get an ED visa?

We can’t guarantee it, but your course fee is fully refundable if your ED visa application is declined. We do not give refunds once ED visas have been issued, or you have started your classes.

What nationalities can apply?

Anyone can apply for a Thailand ED visa. Some nationalities are required to apply for the ED visa only at a Thai embassy in their-home country; please check before travelling.

How much does the ED visa cost?

You have to ask at the Embassy in your country; the fees are different to different places.

Can I change my tourist visa or type B visa for an ED visa in Thailand?

Sorry, it is impossible to change visa types within Thailand. You will have to make a trip to a neighboring country to do this.

How long does it take to get the documentation for the Thailand ED visa?

Once you have enrolled for a language course we will make an application to the local Education Office. It takes about two weeks to issue the letter you will need to submit with your ED visa application.

Do I have to report to Immigration?

As with any non-immigrant visa, it is necessary to report to the Immigration department every 90 days. This is a formality which takes a short time and does not cost anything.

How long can I study on an ED visa?

You can study for as long as 2two or three years, with your Thailand ED visa being renewed each year.

Is it possible to leave Thailand once I have an ED visa?

You can leave Thailand but your ED visa will be invalidated if you do not obtain a re-entry permit before exiting. This should be applied for at the Immigration Department in Chanthaburi.

Is it possible to work with an ED visa?

You cannot work on an ED visa in Thailand.