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Combine your holiday with English, Chinese or Thai language courses!

These English, Chinese and Thai courses are unique courses for individualists, who like to enjoy Thailand while studying. The courses are provided for single students or couples only, including accommodation.

English course for beginner and pre-intermediate.

We understand that every student has different needs - general, business or professional. So on arrival, your own objectives, as well as your strengths, are analyzed by our expert trainers who design your individual study program. This means you study with your teachers without distraction from other students who may be at a different level or have different needs from your own.

We provide business English for intermediate and any higher level.

During a Business English course, you will have the opportunity to learn, practice and master the language in an English business environment. Unlike other methods, an immersion course allows you to maximize your speaking time: three hours of one-to-one training daily, from our highly qualified and experienced trainers, supplemented by unlimited speaking practice.

Thai course for the beginner

This course is taught by experienced Thai government teachers who show you how to learn the Thai language easily. If sixty-five million Thais can speak Thai; You can speak Thai too. The regular course takes at least 28 days, so you need a tourist visa only; we provide it with accommodation as well. If you like staying in your own home, we'll set up a special price for you. For long term study please take a look at "One-Year Education Visa".

Chinese course for beginner, pre-intermediate, and Business Chinese

These courses are taught by highly qualified Chinese native speaking instructors, who show you the way to learn the Chinese language as simple as possible. The course is tailor-made, so you can decide what topic you want to learn. China is the world's second-largest economy. China's population, trade, market, and industry are booming, and it is the new land of opportunity. This makes Mandarin Chinese and specifically Chinese for business purpose. The course's length is 28 days.

Residential Intensive Courses Details

You can start an English or Chinese course for beginners and pre-intermediate when you want. The English course lasts 14/21/28 days, and you can decide according to your needs. The Chinese and English business course lasts 28 days and is estimated for intermediate and higher-level students, and you can start when you want, as well. There are two 90-minute lessons a day excluding the Sunday.

The English, Chinese, Thai, and other language course fees and payment:

14-day Course
$ 1,460
21-day Course
$ 1,660
28-day Course
$ 1,860
Business Course
$ 1,990

Contact us via email at to sign up, then you can pay a deposit of US $ 500.To PayPal (see button below) , credit card or by wire transfer. The down payment of US $ 500 must be made no later than four weeks prior to your arrival. You may then pay the last instalment of your fees after your arrival in our office; We accept US $ and THB. After your arrival in Chanthaburi, we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your apartment. Next day, we are going to set up your timetable and check your English / Chinese level. You are going to start learning your first lesson in the evening. Once you finish your course, we will take you to the airport.

Courses Benefits

  • Free accommodation - excludes fees for water, electricity, and refundable deposit
  • Free airport pick up service by a private car (one way)
  • Eighteen hours (12 lessons) a week excluding the Sunday
  • Teaching material
  • Practical assistance

Do you want to learn another language? Send us an email and we will arrange a custom-made course for you.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the Residential Courses.