TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language  - is a term used to describe the teaching of languages ​​in countries where access to English is very limited; English is considered as a foreign language. In these cases, English language teaching begins at a very basic level. Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Vietnam, examples of countries using the TEFL methodology.

How the course is structured
" The One on One Course" is a unique course for individualists, who like to set up a flexible timetable, who like to study when they want, and who like to enjoy Thailand while studying. This course is provided for single students or buddies and couples only.

Our one-to-one instruction fully accommodates the learning styles and needs of each individual. Students with learning difficulties work with dedicated TEFL / TESOL trainers who have the necessary expertise to challenge and encourage them.


The learner has the undivided attention of the teacher. This means more opportunities to engage in more communication and better understanding of the learner's needs.

The learner often has more control over the aims of the class, the pace, and the materials.

The learner has more opportunities to use the teacher as a resource - to ask questions, to see models of language, and to practice skills.

The learner can develop a real and productive relationship with the teacher.

The learner's needs can be addressed more fully because there is more flexibility in timing and structure.

The teacher has a greater opportunity to engage in real interaction and to learn.

The learner does not need to worry about the problems of large groups -

The course runs over a four-week period.   Fourteen-hour classroom sessions   are taught by qualified trainers at the Language Center of Chanthaburi. The ten-hour practice teaching sessions   are invaluable to your training as a teacher. The sessions give you the opportunity to get feedback on your tutor.

The course covers all the essential aspects you will need for teaching English, and is equivalent to a 120-hour TEFL course. During the course, you will learn more of the theory of teaching English to speakers of other languages. You will learn how to teach adults, teenagers and young learners, and the ways in which these students differ. You will also learn how to teach specific skills, for example, how to help students improve their pronunciation, and develop their reading skills.

But no worry, you'll never walk alone ....

Once you are qualified, the world of teaching English opens up to you. Teach English to young learners in primary schools or kindergartens, to teenagers in high schools, at universities or even to businessmen and women in the corporate world. Jobs in English language teaching will be available to you in countries around the world.

We provide visa assistance for our TEFL students if asked. Please follow the next steps.

1. Fill out the sign-up form on our web page.

2. Pay US $ 200 on our account on PayPal or if you have already lived in Thailand, you can transfer money directly to our account; But not less than four weeks before you want to start.

3. Please be advised, we will need another US $ 200 to pay a deposit for your housing. The apartment that we provide is furnished, with TV, Wifi, air-con, and private bathroom. The house is in a safe area, clean and just about 15 minutes walk from our center. In the case, you do not want to use our service, and want to book your accommodation, we'll refund you THB 4,000 cash.

4. When we received your payment, we will send you the documents that you need for Thai Embassy in your country.

You'll apply for Non-B visa (native speakers of English - who are holder of a Bachelor's Degree) for 3/6/12 month, relate to your decision and needs.

If you are not from an English speaking country, you do not need any documents from us; you will apply for a three-month tourist visa. The school that hires you, will change the visa according to your contract. The course fee does not include the costs for the visa in your country. Be advised, some embassy could request a criminal record statement, so it's better to be ready for that.    


Your start in the TEFL course
The TEFL course for the individualists starts at the Chanthaburi Language Center (LCC). You can start on any day you want. Once arrived in Chanthaburi we will pick you up at the bus station and bring you to your apartment, which we booked for you. You'll get some useful advice, and you can have a rest. Next day, we introduce your course timetable and hand you textbooks over.

Notice: Use our pick up service from the airport direct to our school and your housing by a private car! The service is US $ 150 and the journey takes about three hours.

Payment and Materials

The TEFL certificated course costs US $ 999 /THB 33,000. This amount includes accommodation for one month in an apartment  (except water and electricity consumption, and a refundable deposit) , all study aids, fifteen textbooks, city map and some useful tips for living in Chanthaburi. Included are fees for the presentation of local schools and certificates, and so on.

You enroll  online , paying US $ 200 + US $ 200 for the housing by credit card, PayPal, or by transfer. The deposit of US $ 200 (US $ 400) must be made no later than four weeks prior to your arrival. You may then pay the other US $ 799 (US $ 599) / THB  26,300 (19,700) of your fees after your arrival in our office.  

See the FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions about our course.

We provide a full TEFL course that complies with international standards TEFL, and is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education. Our certification is accepted worldwide.

TEFL & Language Centre of Chanthaburi provides the TEFL Courses with Accommodation

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